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I don't have a mathematical bone in my body, so chemistry was the most intimidating course for me. With the help of Chem Pro, which was attached to my phone every spare minute that I had, I not only survived three semesters, but also got A's!!!! Thank you Chem Pro!
- Erin, Palm Beach State University
I used Chem Pro as my primary study aide in both Chemistry I and II alongside my course of study online. Chem Pro not only gave me confidence in my knowledge by repetitive no-stakes testing but kept me studying even during my time away due to its game-like environment. Chem Pro is largely responsible for my success in both classes and I recommend it to anyone taking a chemistry course!
- Brittany, Western Governors University
Chem Pro saved me a lot of time as an undergraduate student when I was still very insecure about where to get my study materials. The topics merged almost perfectly with my course in chemistry 101 and the exercises are very well explained. The app had a big influence on the fact that I am still a Chemistry student finishing my master's degree this year!
- Wes, Murdoch University


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